Sunday, February 21, 2016

Does Mitch Think Rand is an Idiot?

Rand Paul isn't mentioned by name, but in NYT Alec MacGillis provides us with a behind the scenes glimpse at Mitch's real views:
Sometimes, Mr. McConnell could use this right wing to his benefit — warning the White House, for instance, that it had better accede to Republican demands on the debt ceiling in 2011 lest the renegades take the country to default.

More often, though, these self-described revolutionaries confounded him, which led to explosions of frustration like the one that a longtime associate witnessed in 2011: “He said, ‘Those idiots, those people come up here and have never been in office and know nothing about being in office.’ ”

Such outbursts were kept under wraps, of course. Mr. McConnell needed to appease enough of the chaos makers in order to stay atop the Republican caucus, and to overcome a Tea Party Republican challenger leading up to his 2014 re-election.


  1. So a deal was struck "we'll give you a senate seat and a shot at the presidency if you take our election apperatchiks, shepard the majority of your dads voters to stick close to party and exclude the crazies including your dad"

  2. Yes he thinks Rand is an idiot and he is right to do so.