Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Do Unto Others: A Letter to Rev Kevin Wildes Concerning Dr. Walter Block

In response to the email sent by Professor Walter Block  to  Rev. Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J., Ph.D., president of Loyola University New Orleans, Robert Delaney sent the below email to Rev. Wildes. 

From: Robert Delaney
Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2016 9:14 AM
Subject: Do Unto Others Re: Walter Block

Rev Kevin Wildes,

I am a Roman Catholic school educated K-8 Roman Catholic and Rutgers University graduate. I am also a proud Libertarian Christian because it’s philosophy reflects most closely the teachings of Jesus Christ especially as it pertains to the Non Aggression Principle ( NAP ) that it is based upon. Do unto others as you would have done unto you is a tenet of Catholic and for that matter all Christian faiths.

It is with this in mind that I am writing you in support of  Walter Block who I believe has been unjustly transgressed by you and others. As a Catholic we are taught to speak the truth in all situations and stand up for justice no matter what the ramifications of doing so are as Jesus Christ did. 

I have been a reader of Walter Block for many years and I can not think of any contemporary person who has done more to spread the word of Peace, Justice and Liberty! 

It was understandable to be alarmed by the New York Times column that wrongly portrayed him as a supporter of slavery. Walter explained that he is not a supporter of slavery! As a Libertarian there is no way he can be. As Walter said he was using the example of slavery in trying to explain  Libertarian NAP principles. 

Libertarianism epitomizes many of the same principles of the Catholic faith taught to me by the Benedictine Sisters and Priests of St. Joseph’s R. C. School in Maplewood N.J.

I believe that your actions and talk and that of others are similar to that of the high priests of the Jewish faith who conspired with Roman authorities to set in motion the actions to have Jesus Christ crucified. 

Do you believe in living the principles that the Catholic Church teaches and enunciated in your 1/22/16 speech in which you said that we should interpret other peoples statements in the most positive way possible and reasonable way giving a sympathetic interpretation  of what others say or write?

I do not believe that you have done so to Walter Block and it’s time for you to rectify this serious transgression. I pray that you see the way to accept Walter’s explanation and publicly acknowledge it as I know Jesus Christ would.


Bob Delaney


  1. Thanks Bob Delaney for defending Jewish Walter Block by accusing a Catholic priest of acting like the high priests of the Jewish faith. I had a giggle at that. (I am also Jewish.) I would guess that Walter raised his eyebrow at that twisted Klein bottle.

  2. And, incidentally, comparing Walter Block to the crucified Jesus, I just realized. Maybe he raised both eyebrows.

  3. I apologize if I offended RF or anyone. As a threat to the status quo Jesus Christ was an enemy of the state and as such had to be eliminated in the eyes of the authorities. It is my understanding, though I might be wrong, that Dr. Block is an atheist. However this is not germane to the subject matter. I was, as you stated, defending Dr. Block by using my Catholic elementary catechism to point out the hypocrisy of Rev. Wildes. BD

    1. Not offended, just amused. So was Walter I imagine. This deicide stuff used to cause riots and pogroms against us but nobody takes it seriously anymore. So fire away, and thanks for defending one of the greats in your own way I guess.