Monday, January 4, 2016

WOHA! Donald Trump's First TV Campaign AD

Just about everything that is bad about Trump is in this ad. (Notice the bombs dropping)



  1. Bad for libertarians, sure. But the Trump base eats this up. He will win the primaries and probably the general too. America is a hellhole that will never embrace peace and freedom.

  2. Ads like this will make Trump president. He can stir up the fears of the Muslims and the Mexicans and will terrify his base into voting for him.

  3. Is Trump stirring up fears, or is he representing a great portion of the population that doesn't want forced integration, doesn't want sharia law, doesn't want more voters that will vote themselves free stuff, doesn't want to be forced to pay for migrants' healthcare, education, housing and food ??

    1. 99% of the voters wouldn't know what Sharia law actually is. its the republican version of the Obama's black voters.
      They knew prefectly well that nothing was actually going to change for them but they had a guy who looked like them and 'spoke their language' and even better, super annoyed another bloc who they didn't like much.

    2. I call BS. It goes far beyond that. They are perfectly willing to vote for their farm bills and increased defense spending. And many of them are savages who have no problem bombing and killing more people in the middle east, whether guilty or innocent. Trump supporters are not closet libertarians.

  4. He'll cut the head off of ISIS and take their oil.

    He'll build a wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it.

    There are false assumptions built into these "solutions" which mean that they won't solve. We really needed Ron running for office again to teach the people that their fears have a nugget of truth in them but that the solutions that they turn to will only make the problems worse.