Saturday, January 2, 2016

Trump Dares Bill Clinton to Talk About Women’s Issues

Donald Trump is daring former president Bill Clinton to talk about women’s issues on behalf of his wife’s presidential campaign. He has sent out this tweet:

Notes The Hill:

At least five women claim to have had consensual extramarital affairs with Clinton, while at least two women have accused him of sexual harassment, and one of rape.



  1. This is interesting. There has been some thought that Trump was merely playing a role - destroy the Republican party so Hillary can win the general election.

    But Trump isn't waiting for the general election to try to take out Hillary.

    It seems to me that we will find out if Trump is real or a stooge very soon; how he comes through this episode will speak volumes about his purpose in this election. If he survives this, it seems clear Trump is playing to win.

    1. I think trump has been playing to win all along. The idea he wants to hand it to hillary was made up by RNC elites(probably bush camp). A billionaire businessman rubs elbows with his state senator and that is some kind of conspiracy? Ridiculous. You can probably fill half the internet with pics of billionaires posing with high ranking govt officials.

      That being said, I do not consider myself a trump supporter. Not sure I will even vote this time around.