Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Trump Masses

Check out the size of the crowd in Iowa that turned out for Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump.

And then the next day in Tulsa, Oklahoma:



  1. Naturally, no libertarians are in the mood to appeal to these people or explain to them how simple it would be for them to form and live in their own non-PC private communities. Because that would be RACIST.

    But it's not racist for poor blacks to live in Flint, Michigan with their poisonous government owed and run water system assaulted daily by gang-bangers whose behavior is induced by the statist drug war and the permanent welfare state.

    1. I cant speak others others but I openly admit I have no interested in wasting my time with right-statists to explain that private property would fix most of these problems. This is the same stance shared by Ben Stone aka Bad Quaker. The reality is that conservatives despite their rhetoric just want their own strongman in charge over real liberty.

      As for Michigan maybe Im understanding you wrong but I personally rather leave the race baiting to the left. Most libertarian sites I've seen commenting on Flint have been using as another example on how government ruins everything. Hell even a conservative militia is getting involved in this issue

    2. Yes but....I think you prove my point. In the interest of appearing PC, no one has even tried in 44 years (except for maybe twenty seven one-to-one personal attempts) to explain what their options would be under AnCap. "Legalizing drugs" all by itself without more would allow meth cookers to live next door and their kids to go to public school with your kids. That's "our" vision as it has been presented.

      It would be permissible for white working people to live by themselves under AnCap, right? And they would be allowed to vet anyone who wanted to live in their community, go to their schools and drive on their roads, right? Why are we hiding that? Further, nothing bad would happen as a result because minorities would be safe and sound (and prosperous) wherever they wanted to live.

      I'm certainly not going to be guilt-tripped about AnCap by a nitwit statist who thinks the drug war, discrimination laws and perpetual welfare are necessary because they think poor people and minorities are too stupid to make their own decisions and live their own lives.

    3. Well said Bob. It's always a pleasure to read your comments wherever you post.

    4. Agree. Bob always brings the knowledge.