Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So What Exactly Are Celebrities Up To When They Run Around in Third World Countries, Operating Out of NGOs?

In his Rolling Stone piece detailing his interview with Mexican drug lord El Chapa. Sean Penn dropped this line (my emphasis):
I tell him, up front, that I had a family member who worked with the Drug Enforcement Agency, that through my work in Haiti (I'm CEO of J/P HRO, a nongovernmental organization based in Port-au-Prince) I had many relationships inside the United States government. 
Now, we have this from NyPo (my emphasis):
Sean Penn turned the Beverly Hills Hotel’s famed Polo Lounge into a “war room” for strategizing how to handle his El Chapo controversy over Golden Globes weekend.

But while spies said he consulted with a team that included a former State Department staffer and a political consultant, the star perhaps neglected to consider half of Hollywood could hear everything they were saying.

“He was running around like Woodward and Bernstein at the Washington Post, strategizing as much as possible, even before the El Chapo story broke,” said an amused spy. “They were loudly talking about El Chapo. Everyone was thinking, ‘Is that his next project?’ Then, the story hit.”

" I had many relationships inside the United States government."?  Tell us more Sean, tell us more.


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