Friday, January 1, 2016

Rand Paul Named to Worst Dressed List; The Judge Makes Best Dressed Hall of Fame

Roger Stone is out with the 10th edition of his best and worst dressed list.

Rand makes his worst dressed list, while Judge Napolitano makes his Best Dressed Hall of Fame, Stone reserved his most fun comments for Hillary's curiously close aide,  Huma Abedin. Does this mean Hillary has good taste?

On Rand, Stone writes:
The Senator dresses like a college student. He owns no natural fiber garments. His shirt collars never fit. He has been seen wearing sneakers with a suit. The fusing in his pasted together suits has begun to bubble from dry cleaning. Nothing is pressed. NOTHING. 

On The Judge:
Judge Nap is the epitome of old school style. He understands the importance of good knot and proper collar. While he remains conservative in his choice of neck-wear, he has never donned anything short of impressive and well crafted. Leading news commentator, best selling author, libertarian icon, and legendary dresser. Those looking to build a gracefully vintage suit, shirt, and tie collection should use Napolitano’s choices as a template. Welcome to the Hall of Fame your honor.

On Huma:
This woman is married to pervy former congressman Anthony Wiener.  Hillary’s right hand woman, Abedin, is always perfectly put together whether she’s going to a cocktail party at the UN or a Muslim Broterhhood Cell Meeting. She reminds me of a young Jackie Kennedy in her impeccable fashion choices. Her choice of sunglasses is up there with Jackie O. The Most chic woman working for Jihad.

Stone's full list is here.

(ht David G Mueller)


  1. Are people still prattling on about Abedin being some agent of the Muslim Brotherhood? Is there any evidence for this or are people just making stuff up as usual?

  2. The judge is indeed dapper. But, he has to get a couple demerits for a truly horrible haircut.