Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oh Yeah, the Government is Going to Protect You

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

A killing on a BART train in West Oakland wasn’t the result of a sudden encounter between the gunman and his victim.

Investigators looking into the brazen Jan. 9 slaying have discovered not only that the suspect and victim both boarded at the Pittsburg/Bay Point Station 30 miles away, but that they rode the same Tri Delta Transit bus to the station, BART officials said Monday....

Police said the gunman fired multiple shots at Funez-Romero from close range on a crowded, San Francisco-bound BART car as it pulled into the West Oakland Station....

Investigators do not have video footage of the killing — and what may have immediately precipitated it — even though BART had what appeared to be cameras just feet from the killer and the victim on the train.

The vast majority of those devices are actually decoys, The Chronicle revealed last week.

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