Monday, January 11, 2016

Jesse Benton Recognizes Ron Paul

On the heels of failing to meet his Roscoe obligations, the indicted Jesse Benton is out talking to the press and mentioning his grandfather-in-law, Ron Paul.

Something he never did before when more heavily involved in Rand Paul's presidential campaign.

Discussing the Audit-the-Fed bill, a bill which I think is at best a waste of time (SEE:Say No to 'Audit the Fed') , Jesse is quoted in the National Journal as saying:
“I think its a val­id­a­tion of one, the im­port­ance of the is­sue, and two, both of their lead­er­ship skills” said Jesse Benton, a former aide to both Pauls, who now serves as a con­sult­ant to the pro-Rand Paul Amer­ica’s Liberty PAC...

“It’s to pass mean­ing­ful le­gis­la­tion,” he said. “The Pauls are not grand­stand­ers. … This vote is a com­mon-sense first step to sort of prag­mat­ic fisc­al policy.”...

“I think it’s a great way for him to con­nect with his own sup­port­ers, and his dad’s sup­port­ers and a lot of people out there who are really con­cerned about the Fed­er­al Re­serve. … It’s a great way for Rand to cap­it­al­ize on years and year and years of hard work and of course it comes at an op­por­tune mo­ment.
”The Pauls"?  Up to now, I didn't even know Jesse knew you could use the Paul name in the plural.

It is not clear if this introduction of Ron into the picture is a new Rand effort to increase contributions to his campaign, or if, you know, it is a solo effort by Jesse to get help from his grandfather-in-law with, ahem, the Roscoe obligations.


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