Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jeb Bush to Speak at the Council on Foreign Relations Today

Does the CFR still think Jeb is a viable candidate?

NYT reports:
On Tuesday, Mr. Bush will take his message of national security and somber foreign policy to New York and the Council on Foreign Relations, where he will give a high-profile speech that will emphasize both his implicit and explicit campaign message: that he is best prepared to be commander in chief.

Mr. Bush plans to keep his remarks short, his aides said, to allow for the robust discussion the venue requires, and will most likely reiterate some of his earlier policies. In an August speech at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif., he outlined his plan to defeat the Islamic State, and more recently spoke at the Citadel, where he called for “overwhelming force” to take on the threat of radical extremism with a United States-led coalition, including troops on the ground.

Mr. Bush’s aides expect a vigorous question-and-answer session, with varied topics — the Iranian nuclear deal and prisoner exchange, the recent terrorist attacks, the growing influence of China — likely to come up.


  1. The CFR. Hmmm. Robert, any thoughts on why the CFR was created for.

  2. CFR is definitely the bush family's crowd. Are the trilateralists still around, too?

  3. Sounds excruciating to sit through a speech by this mealy-mouthed mediocrity.

  4. Doesn't he realize that the Bush family are finished politically..he comes
    off as a bad joke.