Saturday, January 30, 2016

Implicit Racism Exposed in New Jersey

Murray Sabrin
Below is a letter sent by Murray Sabrin, professor of finance in the Anisfield School of Business, Ramapo College of New Jersey. to

Derek Meyer’s letter (Jan. 29) criticizing my op-ed (Jan. 27) calling for abolishing New Jersey’s state income tax reveals his utter contempt for limited government and economic freedom, the foundation of America’s success, not his assertion that “free” public education is the bedrock of our country’s incredible progress.

Meyer’s mindless rant is an example of an egregious logical fallacy, the non-sequitur.  His argument boils down to:  People need/want (fill in the blank), therefore, the government has to provide it.  Based on his “logic” our economy must be socialized to insure that low-income members of society will have sufficient funds to purchase food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc.

As far as funding education, Meyer’s implicit racism must be exposed.  His left-wing argument boils down to this: people of color in “poor” districts” are not capable of educating their children, which is their responsibility as parents, unless the state provides massive subsidies.  And given the cost—and poor outcomes-- of educating youngsters in so-called special needs districts in New Jersey, taxpayers are being plundered endlessly to maintain a failed system.  That’s why K-12 education must be handed back to parents so they can create a successful educational experience for their children.

As far as my college teaching is concerned, I received the following email last semester:
“I am writing to thank you for your excellent course….Your extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and organization made the class a pleasure to attend every week. I also loved the stock trade project that we did. Everything you taught us was not only Finance relevant but also good life lessons. Your class was exactly the college course that I will miss.”

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