Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Doctor in Filmed Crazed Uber Tantrum Asks for Forgiveness


  1. There is no rewind. People are pretty unforgiving. No one has the time to consider your poor excuses. Calling on them to forgive you is ridiculous. She could be tops in her class, but ultimately what people care about is how you treat others. People are funny that way.

    But not all sets of eyes are created equal; some are more equal than others. Her apology is really directed at her program director and school Ombudsman to save her ass. "That's not me. I am sorry." Visual evidence of apology on national TV no less just might work. She'll probably be reinstated. Administration doesn't want to appear to be anti-feminine passion, anti-women, anti-protest, or pro-Uber.

  2. She only abused a male human resource... What's the big deal?