Monday, January 18, 2016

Constitutional Law Professor: Ted Cruz Is Not Eligible to Be President

Mary Brigid McManamon, a constitutional law professor, has made a fascinating and what appears to me, as a layman on the matter, sound case for why Ted Cruz is not eligible to be President of the United States.

I first took note of  her when she debated Alan Dershowitz on the matter on CNN, a few days ago. Cruz makes clear in his book, A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America, that he and the lefty Dershowitz are buddies who go way back to Cruz's days at Harvard.

Dershowitz appeared on CNN to defend the position that Cruz is eligible to be President.

McManamon shredded the arguments of the generally strong debater Dershowitz and it was quite amusing to listen to McManamon call him "Al," not granting the neocon holiness any high ground that Al is generally given during appearances on national television.

I have hunted youtube but I can't find a clip of the debate, if anyone can find it, please forward a link to me.

Fortunately, though, McManamon has more formerly written down her argument, which was published by the Washington Post here.



  1. Cruz may not be eligible for the Presidency. But who has standing to litigate the question? Multiple court challenges were made to dislodge Obama on the citizenship question. The cases get thrown out because the plaintiffs lack standing. My understanding is that unless someone is personally harmed in someway, the case will be tossed.

  2. Goldman Sachs already ruled on this. He's good to go.