Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BREAKING Fox Business Rejects Rand's Appeal to be Included in Tomorrow's GOP Debate

FOX Business has rejected Rand's appeal to be included on the main stage of tomorrow night's debate:

"We announced the criteria in December and clearly stated the polling needed to be conducted and released by Monday, January 11th at 6pm/ET," a spokesman said.



  1. I can hear Mike Goldberg in the background, "It's all over!"

  2. He's coming across like a crybaby.

    1. Those were my thoughts as well. Chris Christie went to the 2nd tier debate once and took it like a big boy and now is back on the main stage. (and I'm not shilling for Christie, or any politician for that matter, but just sayin')

      This just makes Rand look wimpy in comparison. He's looking to blame anyone but himself for his poor performance.

  3. Ron would have his own event across the street.

  4. As individuals we are known by the company we keep, and in the case of Ron and Rand Paul they choose to surround themselves with fervent neocon vultures like Mike Rothfeld, Trygve Olson, and Doug Weed who devoured the respective Paul's campaigns until their political bodies were nothing more than excarnated remains on the political field of battle.

    The outcome of both Ron and Rand Paul's pathetic campaigns for the presidency were preordained by choices they made when they were selecting who would advise them. Ron and Rand Paul's campaigns were so attinuated by the cross purposes of the actors within each campaign as to make the entire 9 year effort worse than utterly meaningless.

    Rahm Emanuel and Zbigniew Brzezinski were Barack H. Obama's top advisors, yet the American public bought the idea of hope and change because they were ignorant of what those two men stood for.

    In the end we are known by the company we keep, and that is why I could never be a dues paying member of the cult of Paul.