Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Al Sharpton Appears Ready to Back a Michael Bloomberg Presidential Run

Mayor Bloomberg’s top political adviser held a private meeting with Al Sharpton on Tuesday, and Sharpton emerged saying minority voters would be big winners if Bloomberg ran for president, reports NyPO.

Sharpton, who appears to be now also speaking for the Latino community told NyPo after the breakfast at the Regency Hotel with Bloomberg aide Kevin Sheekey, “For African-Americans and Latino voters, a 50-state run will enhance our leverage and get our interests addressed. We wouldn’t just be focusing on a few primary states,”


  1. So the Democratic Party faces its Trump moment......

  2. I guess they think all those minorities liked the "stop and frisk" program. Maybe they can apply it NATIONWIDE to everyone! Wahoo!

  3. Another moment that shows Sharpton is only in it for himself. Hey Al you old coot, it was Bloomberg who started Stop and Frisk