Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A New Book From The Pope

A new book has just been released, The Name of God Is Mercy. It is a series of questions posed by  Vatican reporter Andrea Tornielli and answered by Pope Francis.

None of the reviews I have seen so far provide any indication as to whether the book sticks to discussions of religion or whether it contains more from the Pope on his socialist views on economics and society in general.

I fear the worst. Among Tornielli's other books is This Economy Kills: Pope Francis on Capitalism and Social Justice .

From the publisher on that book:
When Pope Francis wrote in his apostolic letter The Joy of the Gospel that the economy of the West is one that “kills,” he was immediately labeled by some as a Marxist. Criticisms came fast and furious, not only from financial columnists and conservative cable personalities, but also from some Catholic commentators, especially in the United States.

In This Economy Kills, two of the most respected journalists covering the Vatican today explore the Pope’s teaching and witness on the topic; the ways it relates to other topics like war, the environment, and family life; its connections to the teaching of his predecessors; and the criticism it has generated, especially from the direction of the United States. This fascinating book includes the full text of an extended interview the authors conducted with Francis on the topic of capitalism and social justice, appearing here in English for the first time.
And Meghan Clark wrote:
This Economy Kills provides a valuable window into Pope Francis's sophisticated understanding of Catholic social teaching, the economy, and the signs of the times.


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  1. Would it be ironic if a bunch of aethisiest socialists started sighting the Pope?