Saturday, December 19, 2015

WHOA: Los Angeles Deputy Shoots Partner, Blames Suspect; Both Kill Suspect in Retaliation

PINAC reports:
A disturbing video emerged Friday showing two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies killing a man after they had chased him for riding a bicycle while wearing headphones.

The incident took place more than a year ago with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department initially telling the media that they shot and killed 23-year-old Noel Aguilar, a “known gang member,” after he pulled out a gun and shot a deputy.

But now a video shows the two deputies struggling to arrest Aguilar when one deputy pulls out his gun and shoots the second deputy before placing his gun back into its holster, then putting the blame on Aguilar....
The day after the shooting, the Orange County Register accused Aguilar of shooting the deputy because he was a “known gang member” as you can see in the image below.

But then the following month, the Los Angeles Times reported that deputy Murade had been shot by deputy Ruiz, not by Aguilar, whom they referred to as a “transient.”
But the sheriff’s department continued to insist that Aguilar had a gun, even if he didn’t shoot at it as they initially claimed. They also said he tried to grab one of their guns.
And they suggested that he may have even been the one who shot Murade with Ruiz’s gun.
But the video not only shows Ruiz shooting Murade, then blaming Aguila, it shows that Aguilar never reached for any of their guns.


  1. The disgusting part in all of this copsuckers will still blame Aguilar for his execution.

  2. Cop apologists will say this never would have happened if Aguilar had not run from and fought with police, but the fact is is that the chase began when deputies targeted Aguilar because he was riding a bicycle while wearing earbuds, a peaceable activity that harmed no one. In a free society police would not be empowered to stop and harass people who are simply going about their business in a peaceable manner.