Monday, December 28, 2015

Trump in Tie with Pope for Second Most Admired Man in America

Donald Trump is in a tie with Pope Francis as the second most admired man in America, according to a new Gallup poll.

President Obama won the poll with 17 percent – his 20th time on top of the survey — followed by Trump and the Pope, who both collected 5 percent.

All three of them have no clue how a society works, the nature of societal knowldege and the problems with central planning.

But that the three are on top suggests that the masses have no correct understanding either.



  1. Hayek called the political spectrum a triangle, with socialism, conservatism, and liberalism (meaning libertarianism) as the three points. It shouldn't be too difficult to explain the benefits of minimal government to more people and pull them from those other two corners.

  2. Action speaks louder than words, and the Pope's actions have been those of a capitalist. Tom Rogan on the Mclaughlin Group pointed out that the Pope's activities have generated millions in contributions to the church as well as increased tourism to the Vatican. It appears the Pope has an excellent understanding of how society works. So if we can just get the people to focus on the Popes action rather than be mesmerized by his words. liberty may have a chance.

  3. When the checks from Washington cease to have value, the masses will correct their understanding. But that means things will likely get a lot worse before they get better.