Monday, December 7, 2015

Trump Expands on His Ban the Muslims Statement

Before what CNN described as a raucous rally in South Carolina, Donald Trump, Monday evening, said that his call for barring all Muslim foreigners from entering the United States is "probably not politically correct."

 But he had three words for his critics: "I don't care."

"We're gonna have to figure it out, we can't live like this. It's going to get worse and worse, we're going to have more World Trade Centers. It's going to get worse and worse, folks. We can be politically correct and we can be stupid but it's going to be worse and worse," Trump added.

"It does not apply to people living in the country, except we have to be vigilant," Trump said on Fox News before the rally.

Trump's spokesman said that Trump's ban would apply to those deiring to live in the US and those just wishing to visit here on vacation.



  1. Trump is such a turd.
    BUT... He is the only candidate who says he'll sit down and negotiate in a friendly way... with Putin.
    He's the one who says, let's reconsider our position in the Middle east.
    So... what'll be? Mussolini at home? Or nuclear Armageddon ?
    Me, I'm riding it out at anchor in the oceanic wilderness...

    1. Speaking of Oceanic wilderness, we'll all have to move to Liberland or someting.

  2. The liberals want forced integration. How's that working out in Europe?