Monday, December 14, 2015

Rodney Dangerfield vs. WSJ on the @RealDonaldTrump

Jimmy Joe Meeker in the comments to the post WSJ's Absurd Attack on @RealDonaldTrump writes:
Someone should send the WSJ the clip from the Rodney Dangerfield film "Back to School" where his character takes on the economics professor for not understanding the realities of construction. 
Thornton Melon: Oh, you left out a bunch of stuff.  
Dr. Phillip Barbay: Oh really? Like what for instance?
Thornton Melon: First of all you're going to have to grease the local politicians for the sudden zoning problems that always come up. Then there's the kickbacks to the carpenters, and if you plan on using any cement in this building I'm sure the teamsters would like to have a little chat with ya, and that'll cost ya. Oh and don't forget a little something for the building inspectors. Then there's long term costs such as waste disposal. I don't know if you're familiar with who runs that business but I assure you it's not the boyscouts.
Dr. Phillip Barbay: That will be quite enough, Mr. Melon! Maybe bribes, kickbacks and Mafia payoffs are how YOU do business! But they are NOT part of the legitimate business world! And they are certainly not part of anything I am doing in this class. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Melon!

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  1. Reading that post I thought of that clip also. Back to School is hilarious. Talk about fantasyland, it was filmed mostly in Madison, Wisconsin. UW has a long history of progressivism of course, but it is a huge party school and a lot of fun.

    I don't know how many here are old enough to remember the comedian Sam Kinison (who I see just now died tragically in a 1992 auto accident, I had no idea). But Dangerfield's next class was history with Professor Kinison. :O)

    Sam Kinison & The Epic Vietnam Tirade