Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Putin's Classified Powerhouse Helicopter Caught on Tape

RT reports:

Russia’s most classified helicopter has been caught on camera over the Kremlin. A pair of Mi-35MS helicopters were spotted taking off from behind the red-brick ancient fortress in downtown Moscow.

Russian YouTube user Coocxals reports he spotted two unusually-looking choppers while taking a walk near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and rushed towards the Kremlin along the bank of the Moskva River, hoping to make a video of the helicopters taking off – and was rewarded for his effort.

A couple of special-status olive-painted helicopters, bearing multiple antennas and no tail numbers, soared into the air and shortly disappeared behind the downtown roofs in the Russian capital...

The Mil Mi-35MS is a development from the legendary Mi-24 assault helicopter dubbed ‘Crocodile.’

Yet according to reports cited by Rossiyskaya Gazeta, it boasts improved avionics, modern engines

VK-2500, composite blades and all-digital equipment. The aircraft is also reportedly packed full of sensors and radars, such as night flight systems, GLONASS navigation system, Rainbow-N-B satellite station, jam-proof communications equipment, fully computerized pilot cabin and brand-new large panoramic rectangular-shaped illuminators. Just like its battle-ready elder brother, the Mi-35MS bears a couple of short wings, but instead of guided missile launchers, the helicopter bears containers with electronic warfare equipment protecting the aircraft from air-defense missile attacks. The aircraft has non-retractable landing gear which helps to compensate the impact shock in case of a hard touchdown.

The Mi-35MS is positioned as special military command and control/communication helicopter for VIP flights, Coocxals pointed out.

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