Thursday, December 31, 2015

Paging the Home School Movement: The Time Bernie Sanders Sent a Letter to FEE

Bernie Sanders, the socialist seeking the Democratic nomination for president, once sent a letter to The Freeman, a publication of the free market organization the Foundation for Economic Education.

Slate via an excerpt from the new book, "Why Bernie Sanders Matters," reports on the letter:
In a letter to the editor published by the Freeman in March 1969 that would please proponents of home schooling, Sanders ranted:
One of the most heartening signs in recent years is the growing belief among people that the formal education process (i.e., schools) are not only “not good” but that they are positively destructive and harmful. People are becoming aware that the function of schools is not to educate children but, in fact, to do the very opposite—to PREVENT education.
Later in the letter he wrote:
It is quite clear that the basic function of the schools is to set up in children patterns of docility and conformity— patterns designed not to create independent and free adults, but adults who will obey orders, be “faithful” uncomplaining employees, and “good” citizens


  1. It's always interesting to see current socialists who appeared to support liberty positions in the past. It makes one wonder what got them on the track to supporting statism later in life

  2. I wonder if that confused commie now knows that the educayshun system is largely responsible for so much of his support.

  3. One of my good friends who energetically supported Ron Paul during his presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012 now supports Bernie Sanders. I don't understand the transformation since Dr. Paul's message is much different than Mr. Sanders' message.

  4. If this becomes a campaign issue, I wonder how Bernie will tap dance his way to a retraction?

  5. While Bernie was Mayor of Burlington, this is what the homeschooling vanguard was going through in South Carolina and the rest of the country:

    {“Mrs. Tyler, if you continue to pursue homeschooling, I can have you put in jail for truancy.” This was no idle threat. It was July of 1984 and I was sitting in the office of Dr. Charlie Williams, the state superintendent of education, when he pronounced this judgment.}

    Those brave people were fighting for their freedom - something Bernie is not interested in giving anyone. The indoctrinating cesspools that are government schools were built by socialists for socialist ends. Individual freedom from those schools was and is the growing answer to that problem.

    The man smacks of disingenuousness. The only reason a socialist would find favor in homeschooling is because he believes it can be controlled to further his socialist agenda.

  6. Same name, same face, different guy.

    He is older now and he has learned the technocratic skill of how to identify which side of the bread is buttered.