Monday, December 14, 2015

Noam Chomsky: US-Led Airstrikes Will Cause More Terror Attacks

Noam Chomsky told Sputnik Sunday that the United States and their Western allies are increasing the possibility of large-scale terrorist attacks similar to Nov. 13 in Paris by intensifying their airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

“ISIS have themselves said that if you bomb us, we will attack you, and this is probably the short term cause of the terrorists attacks carried out in Paris,” he said.

So far, he added, the U.S. and their allies have decided to increase bombing Islamic State group targets in Syria and Iraq, and this will no doubt push the extremists to carry out further terrorist attacks.

He said that, “If the West wants to reduce the possibility of further terrorist attacks, it needs to address the root causes of the terrorist attacks in Paris. These root causes are the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Wahhabization of Sunni Islam, which in turn resulted in the rise of global radical Islamism.”

(via teleSUR)

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