Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Jersey Smoking Age May Be Raised To 21

Murray Sabrin emails:

Fort Lee Patch story: N.J. Smoking Age May Be Raised To 21

It is OK for the  government to train 18-20 year olds to become "efficient" killers for undeclared war in the Middle East but verboten to puff on a legal product.  Haven't the geniuses  in the Legislature ever heard of black markets and all the adverse consequences of prohibition?  The nanny state (and this bill) is supported by both Democrats and Republicans.  George Wallace had it right:  There is not a dime's difference between the two parties.   The State Motto should be changed from Liberty and Prosperity to Command, Obey and Pay up.

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  1. They've tried to do the same thing here in Utah, under the same guise - "It'll cut smoking rates". How about just leaving people alone?