Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jittery in San Francisco

A passenger left behind a package following a Sausalito to San Francisco ferry run.

This prompted a shutdown of the ferry anf the ferry terminal in SF, with passengers stuck outside.

Police were called in. Four cruisers responded

Then came the Coast Guard

The Coast Guard sailors had guns at the ready


And the came the bomb-sniffing dogs--3 in all.


It was. of course, a false alarm.

The personnel required to respond to these imagined potential terrorist threats are for certain starting to cost the governments, especially at the local level in major cities, some serious money.

This response was the third major police response I have seen in San Francisco in the last month. No doubt there were many more than the three I witnessed.



  1. Black lives matter in minneapolis was wonder how they could cost the city money. I suggested starting to boycott the entertainment sales tax. But yea all those Jack boots getting paid overtime for over two weeks definitely cost the city some.

    If the cops keep shooting people that is going to cost some big money too.

  2. If there is a life beyond our life on earth, bin Laden must be dancing the Funky Funky Broadway.