Friday, December 18, 2015

HOT Trump Calls for Rand Paul Senate Primary Challenge; "Rand is a Nasty Guy"

In a speech to sup­port­ers in Mesa, Ari­zona this week, Don­ald Trump wondered aloud if a primary chal­lenger to Rand Paul might emerge to run against Rand in his Senate re-election bid in Kentucky.

This appears to be payback for Rand's attack on Trump during Tuesday's debate:


Here's Trump in Mesa:



  1. Wow. Rand actually had some good stuff to say, made Trump look buffoonish.

  2. Proof moron Trump has gone full blown RETARD.

    Paul scores 10 conservative rating, Trump a mere 1.5 on the CrowdPAC rating scale. And Trump wants Kentucky to get rid of possibly the best Senator they have ever had? LOL

    What a clown Trump is.