Tuesday, December 8, 2015

HEATED Donald Trump Interview on 'Morning Joe'


  1. Well, since I hate pundits,I was sympathetic towards Trump in this interview, but he LOST me at around 12:30 in the clip. Iran in ten years will have MORE nuclear weapons than we ever had???
    WTF is HE smoking??
    That is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard from a guy running for President.
    I kinda liked him as far as saying he was willing to chat with Putin, and that he opposed more foreign intervention, but Jeezus, he really screwed the pooch on that Iran nonsense. I now must conclude that he is not a serious person, and would be a DISASTER as President.
    And of course, that leaves the choice of ***Nobody*** as our next President.
    To be honest, that was my candidate all the time.

  2. If Mika wants to get really scared she should read her fathers book

  3. Trump is way more of a danger to America and our Liberty than ISIS ever could be. That was just flat amazing. FDR is a role model? WOW. Hitler did a great job rounding people up too, wonder if he is a fan? At least of the way the Nazi's rounded up the troublemakers?
    I wonder if Trump has any clue to what is in the Bill Of Rights?

  4. Watching some news tonight, which I never do, maybe this latest craziness from Trump is a good thing.
    For the first time in a long time, Americans are actually thinking about what they have been moving towards. It seems finally American are remembering ," hey wait, Muslims are people too". I can't remember when I saw anything that humanized Muslims. It resembles a slap upside the head. " whoa, where are we heading with this thinking". I know most of it is just to attack Trump, but there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe even this will have unintended consequences for the Empire, where people will actually remember that we are talking about other human beings.

  5. I didn't mention it in yesterday's comment, but did you note the quote from one of the bimbos (paraphrase): "The Gulf States are our allies and friends, why they have WOMEN in their armed forces"