Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Festivus: One of My Festivus Complaints with Rand Paul

So the word is out that Rand Paul is about to issue a 38-page  Festivus  report with examples of government waste.

Here is my Festivus complaint with this report.

Why the hell is Rand focusing on so-called government waste?

To a libertarian, to an anrcho-capitalist, hell, even to a small-government conservative, the real problem is that government is too big across the board--not just the side, and relatively minor, issue of "waste".

To focus on "waste" simply dilutes the proper focus that massive cuts in government need to be made. Rand's focus on "waste" implies that "waste" is where government changes must be made.

But this may not even be the case.

I would much rather see the government "wasting" $3000,000 on toilet seats, then using the money to hire government enforcers of various regulations that interfere with free exchange.

Government waste should be ended, but is should be ended last.

As a modest start, I would like to see 90% of the government budget cut, then we can start talking about "waste' cy=uts in what remains.

Rand is just diluting the small government message here with typical misdirection that seems to be all too  much of a pattern with him.

He'll babble anything that doesn't get the establishment upset,

Happy Festivus.


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  1. If he said he wanted to cut down the size of the Federal Govt by cutting all govt depts that were not authorized by the Constitution, that would not be super controversial, would probably win him votes, and would allow the govt to be cut down by about 90%. I believe that would also basically get rid of the military, as the Constitution does not allow standing armies (although I think a 'standing' Navy is allowed). That could be a great point to bring up to the other opponents, at the debates, and when talking to the press, "Don't you want to follow the Constitution? Where does the Constitution allow for the Federal Reserve, Dept. of Education, Dept. of XYZ?"

    I know the Constitution is not very popular in libertarian circles, but actually following it would be a great step for freedom and liberty and would be a huge win for the Liberty movement. Although we know from history the govt didn't follow it for long, and the chance of the govt actually following it zero.