Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Canada’s Trudeau Says He Has Nothing But Condemnation for Trump

“I don’t think anyone in Canada or around the world thinks I have anything supportive to say, or anything but condemnation, for Donald Trump,”Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday in a CTV News interview.

I am not a fan of Trump either but Trudeau, the socialist, should really worry about his own country.



  1. thats the kind of attitude which got the politicans all through the west, which opened the door to Trump.

  2. Keep in mind Trudeau is a complete moron, spoiled rich kid, who likes to be buddy buddy with extreme Islamists one day and gay pride activists the next (anyone see a contradiction here). I am embarrassed that he is Canada's PM. Just remember-I voted for the other side!

  3. It's like a member of the Bloods criticizing a member of the Crips for being too violent.