Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Anti-Virus Pioneer John McAfee Enters Libertarian Party Presidential Race

A curious character is attempting to use the Libertarian Party. It won't be the first time, but this guy is very curious. He is wanted for questioning by Belize police after his neighbor was found dead, with a gunshot wound.

John McAfee, who founded  the software firm that bears his name but who is no longer affiliated with the firm, has announced that, now back in the states, he will seek the nomination of the Libertarian Party.

McAfee, 70, seems to have decided to seek the LP nomination for strategic reasons---he realized how difficult it would be to get on most state ballots with a new party.

Some party members are actually excited about this.

 McAfee had been planning since September to launch a presidential run under the flag of a  new "Cyber Party." But in a phone interview with Reason, he said that he changed his mind when he realized getting ballot access in most states from a standing start for a third party is effectively impossible.

Enter the LP, despite the fact that McAffee is more opportunist than libertarian. Notes Reason:
McAfee on his website issues page discusses policies that imply expanding government spending, such as, under "education," that "in the case of higher-education, we will work to make education attainable for everyone, regardless of income level or family income level. What’s more, the rampant student loan debt must be checked." 
His "economy" plank also seems unlibertarian when it hypes:
a large-scale public works program. This will focus on a few key areas. Initially, these public works will focus on physical infrastructure: the construction and repair of roads, bridges, highways, airports, etc. These initiatives will be pursued through two different avenues. One, we will fund and staff these initiatives through various federal programs. Second, we will offer states, counties, and cities funds to manage the programs on their own. This initial infrastructure push will provide a, relatively, quick way to stem unemployment.
Further down the road, we plan to introduce an IT infrastructure development program. In short, we will make a large amount of funds available to cities and townships to prompt wholesale implementation of smart grid energy programs.
As we have stated many times over, we see access to broadband as a fundamental human right.
And, oh yeah, he was once a multi-millionaire, but now could not fund his own campaign, even if he wanted to. Reports Reason

[H]e is not, he says, in a position to independently fund his campaign but "I have smart people who I think will solve" any fundraising problems.

 He says he will appear on Steve Colbert's show around January 5th.

 Justin Raimondo has reacted:


  1. Here's a recent interview he did, he does not sound libertarian at all at least to me.

  2. Not a libertarian in the slightest. Got to get distance from such jokers.