Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Another Prediction From the Establishment that a Trump Attack Will Backfire

NYT writes:
 Donald J. Trump and Bill Clinton used to be golfing buddies and occasional telephone friends. Mr. Trump donated to the former president’s charitable foundation. Mr. Clinton attended the billionaire developer’s lavish third wedding in 2005.

But as Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate who is leading most polls, sets his sights on a potential general election matchup against Hillary Clinton, he is making her husband’s history of marital infidelity a central issue. On Monday, Mr. Trump accused Mr. Clinton of having a “terrible record of women abuse” and warned that he would be a liability to her campaign...

The Clintons have publicly moved past their marital problems and efforts to dredge them up could backfire against Mr. Trump since voters tend to view Mrs. Clinton sympathetically whenever the issue has come up.
The establishment has no clue. I am no supporter of Trump, but it is clear he understands the masses and knows exactly what to say to them.

There is no chance that going after Clinton's sexual attacks is going to hurt Trump, especially after the way Roger Stone and Robert Morrow in The Clintons' War on Women  detail Hillary's role in the cover-ups of the alleged rapes.

My interview with Robert Morrow, including a discussion of Clinton's alleged vicious rape technique, is here.


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