Thursday, December 10, 2015

Andrew Kaczynski Slices Rand

Rand Paul now claims that it is not his fault that he is low in the polls. You see, it is only because he is not getting enough media attention.

Andrew Kaczynski reports:
Kentucky. Sen. Rand Paul says his low poll numbers are not his fault but are a result of all the media attention going to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.
“You know, I think it has very little to do with my campaign, or me, or what I’m talking about,” Paul said on local Indiana radio 93WIBC on Thursday morning. “And one of the reasons I say that is there was chyron on the TV this morning and it said in the last three days Trump has had a 105 hours of discussion of him. The president had three hours of discussion.”
“And I’ve been on four or five times on TV but if you had up mine it will be several minutes,” continued the Kentucky senator. “A hundred and five hours in the last three days discussing Donald Trump. So is it any kind of surprise that he leads in the polls?”
Paul said all he needed was “more airtime” to breakthrough.
Note to Rand: Part of the skill set required to be a significant politician is knowing how to get media attention for oneself.

And, oh yeah, the full headline to the Kaczynski story:
 Rand Paul: I’m Only Polling Bad Because Trump Gets All The Attention
Want cheese with that whine?

Yup, it was the media not giving Rand coverage, not his faulty uninteresting McConnell-hugging campaign.

This didn't happen:


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