Saturday, November 28, 2015

Who Wants Good People in Government?

Who wants good people in government? Good people should be in the private sector. Helping us out, helping themselves out in the private sector. We want schmoes in government. We want people who can't find the doorknob. Why waste productive people, as well as looting the taxpayer?
-Murray Rothbard 


  1. Government is one of the most important places to have good people. ESPECIALLY the lawmakers.

    1. Not going to happen Wags.
      Road to Serfdom, chapter 10. Thats what we get.
      Rothbard was and still is right.
      We need to get rid of so called "law" makers.
      Seriously, end the State.

    2. Hmm, btw, I do know Rothbard didn't write road to serfdom. Should have made that sentence more clear.

    3. @Wags

      To make the fundamental issue more apparent, imagine it was Germany in 1940. Still want the good people implementing government schemes with great efficiency? How would a good person run a death camp, exactly?

      Oh wait, you mean you want a "good Hitler," a benevolent dictator at the top who imposes laws forcing peaceful people to do things against their will yet somehow simultaneously qualifies in your eyes as a "good person." Have you've ever met people in your life that point guns at you, force you to do things, take your stuff, yet you consider good people? Curious notion that.

    4. @sonepatchworth

      Was Ron Paul a "good person" when he was a Congressman?

    5. @Hollow Daze

      My understanding is Ron Paul scrupulously voted "No" on every bill put before him that decreased liberty or increased taxes or spending. Moreover he used every committee position and speaking opportunity he could to proselytize libertarianism. In other words, the consummate sheep in wolf's clothing.

      Could he have done more? Perhaps. He is a minarchist after all, so not completely innocent. But for the most part he did what a good person may legitimately do if offered a privileged position within an incorrigible institution of aggression: accept it to block out the slot from worse actors, decline all opportunities to actually wield any power, and instead seize every opportunity to gum up the works and hack away at the roots. So yeah, good person.

  2. Thanks to MNR, the words "schlepp", "schmuck", and "flub the dub" are key players in selling the free society to Ordinary Joe.