Friday, November 27, 2015

TSA Security Protection in Action

A MAN stole a WOMAN'S misplaced Southwest Airlines boarding pass, made it through airport security and got as far as the flight check-in gate, where the boarding pass was approved, before airport officials were alerted and confronted him in an incident earlier this month, airport police said, reports The vDesert News.

Michael Salata, 61, was arrested Nov. 5 shortly after checking into Southwest Airlines Flight 1760 from Salt Lake City to Oakland, California.

Salata allegedly snatched the woman's boarding pass from a Southwest Airlines kiosk, where it had been printed and then accidentally left.

How was he caught?

He was confronted around 9 p.m. after the woman who had misplaced the pass checked into the flight using a replacement boarding pass uploaded to her phone. The woman was just a few passengers behind Salata in line to board the airplane, police said.


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