Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sneaking a Libertarian Perspective On the Broad Nature of Theft Into a Sitcom Script

Andrew Dahl emails:
In Season 1, Episode 3 (AKA It's Called Whiskey) Jessica Jones needs a surgical anesthetic to knock out her nemesis.  She asks a friend if she knows any doctors that could help, but she doesn't.  Jessica then tells her not to worry about it, that she has it handled.

"So you're going to steal it?" her friend asks.

Jessica then replies with, "I prefer 'redistribute' it."

Awesome, huh?!

BTW: It appears very difficult to keep a series of steady libertarian lines in television shows. I watched an episode of Madam Secretary over the weekend and the kid who was delivering some very good lines about anarchism and conspiracy theory, when the series fist started, has been reduced in current episodes to being pro-drone attack and worrying about whether he is going to make the football team.


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  1. Just a correction. "Jessica Jones" is not a sitcom. It's a relatively dark hybrid between detective show and "superhero" show.