Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ron Paul On Rise Of ISIS, Paris Terror Attacks

(ht Travis Hole)


  1. The circular logic is maddening. X caused Y yet somehow more X will stop Y. I've backed people into a corner in these discussions many times it always ends the same "We should just level the place and kill 'em all". Passive aggressive bullshit. Thank the gods for people like Dr. Paul.

  2. What an EXTREMELY annoying woman.

    If "religion is a motivation" in the attacks, shouldn't the attackers at least BE religious? There were cocaine-snorting, stripper-dating so-called "jihadis" on 911 and then this guy in Paris...

    Whatever is motivating these attackers it's not religion it seems.

    Dr. Paul is a great man but maybe also naive. The Paris attack was not by religious fanatics. We all should know by now the real terrorists... ISUS. It's not "blowback" when you're own Gov is doing and or enabling the attack itself. It's treason.

  3. I knew Kennedy sucked, but wow.

  4. I can't stand that idiot woman. She is so freaking irritating when she tries to sound intelligent. Moron with a big mouth.

  5. Compared to 99% of the rest of media talking heads, Kennedy actually comes off as rather sane and reasonable. She's mostly wrong, but less so than almost all of her peers. I don't think she was rude to Dr Paul, and appeared to agree with him to a large degree.