Thursday, November 5, 2015

Oy Vey, Trump to Adelson: Israel is so Important to Me

 Donald Trump, like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and all the rest, has reached out to Sheldon Adelson. You know what happened. NYT reports that during the conversation, the person briefed on the discussion said, Adelson told Trump that his most important issue when considering a candidate is the safety of Israel. Presbyterian Trump then emphasized his personal and family ties to the Jewish community in New York.

Sounds like Adelson took him to be a gonif.

More to the point, Murray Sabrin emails:
The Israeli government is responsible for the safety of its people, not the US military funded by US taxpayers.  If Americans want to support the Israeli government, they should send checks to the Netanyahu government.  Or better yet, send their sons, daughters and grandchildren to serve in the Israeli military.

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