Monday, November 16, 2015

On Cowards

Here we go again, the terrorists who committed the horrific killings in Paris are being called cowards.

Bernie Sanders is the latest to call them such.

Here is a Daily Mail headline: Cowardly Paris terrorists attacked the Stade de France

The Sun carries this headline: Jason Manford slams terrorists as 'f**ing cowards'

From The Guardian:. LaForte also called the terrorists “spineless cowards

and now we have this via Venture: New Chrome extension replaces ‘terrorist’ with ‘coward’ on the Web

The terrorists may accurately be called many things: lost souls, nut jobs or fanatics, but it is positively bizarre to call them cowards.

The dictionary definition of a coward is:
a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.
Somehow, someone blowing themselves up  or taking on an onslaught of government firepower, to death, does not exactly describe to me a person unwilling to endure unpleasant things.

When I think of killing and cowardice, it's not a perfect fit, but those killing via drone, done from air conditioned offices in Nevada, for a paycheck, of those thousands of miles away, with no chance of personal harm is a lot closer to a cowardice than what the terrorists have done.

I believe the word cowardice is used by apologists for the state to confusing thinking about why such actors would take on such personal harm. It is not because they are cowards but because they see no way out of their personal predicaments and they blame, in a poorly defined fashions, elitists countries such as France.



  1. Spot on!! It pains me to watch cowardly politicians point fingers when they should be looking in the mirror.

    1. Exactly, since 9/11 I've noticed this trend to label these people as cowards, which doesn't make a lick of sense. There must be some sort of projection going on here.

  2. Remember, it's not suicide attackers that have courage, it's Ben Bernanke.