Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Must Have Been Quite a Night for Walter Block at Yale

Walter writes:

My talk last night at Yale was interesting. The q&a session was a blast. I’ll be posting the url for that event on this blog.
Sean McMonagle, who apparently was at talk, adds:
It reminded me of clips I've seen of British Parliament. People freely reacting to Block by hissing, stomping feet and slamming desks. I found it pretty annoying and disrespectful, especially when students would scoff/laugh at many of his comment.



  1. And to think these presumably represent the brightest our country has to offer.

  2. Nobody loves abuse like ol' Walter. He positively thrives on rotten tomatoes.
    Of course, he's just exposing these boors for what they are. I imagine, at the back of the room, there's a few quiet folks taking it all in and thinking: "Huh, I kinda agree with him. Maybe I'll look into the N.A.P. or whatever."
    Baby steps, folks.

    1. He handled it like a champ. It wasn't all badly received either.. all sides of the spectrum were pretty vocal.

  3. Block isn't going to let some teen SJWs "hurt his feelings".

    I hate I missed it.