Tuesday, November 10, 2015

INCREDIBLE Mizzou Professor Calls for "Muscle" to Remove Student Photographer

These lefties are really showing their true colors. It's all about coercion. Their way or get smashed.

USA Today reports:
The University of Missouri's journalism school praised a student journalist Tuesday after he stood his ground and asserted his First Amendment right to take pictures of a campus protest, despite aggressive pushback from a mob of students and faculty members.

Video of the confrontation with the journalist, Tim Tai, went viral as the school distanced itself from a professor, Melissa Click, who was seen in the video calling for "muscle" to remove another journalist from the protest site. The university also hinted that Click's work at the school may be in jeopardy. 


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  1. She is clearly being sexist by calling for muscle, which means 'a strong man.'