Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lew Rockwell: What About the Poor in the Arctic?

Lew writes:

Obama is not about to stop with the subsidized importation of 10,000 Syrian refugees. And why should he? The decades-long mass migration to  America is a deliberate state policy, at the behest of the left-wing power elite, to make this country more malleable to total control through cultural revolution. Neocon Paul Ryan says that limits on federal flights for Syrian refugees–who are immediately eligible for super-welfare–is “not who we are.” Of course, by “we” he means the state. But why stop with Syrians? Why not import and put on the hyper-dole every poor, diseased, threatened person in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Latin America? The Arctic, too. Expand the welfare state to the whole world. Extort the money out of the shrinking productive class. Global equality under the oligarchs.


  1. Is there any ground between laying out a banquet feast and telling them there's no room at the inn? I don't want to rob my neighbor so I can put up a refugee, but I don't want to stop him from helping one either.

    I'm disappointing that Lew missed a great opportunity to talk about how the Paris attacks would have been easily stopped by a well-armed citizenry rather than add fuel to the xenophobe fire. Lew is correct that mass immigration is a deliberate policy of the elitist left, but he's playing into their hands by attacking it this way.

    Everything he says is accurate and correct, but the only thing most non-libertarians will hear is "Mine! Go Away!" This only serves to further the biggest problem libertarians have: the perception that they are stingy and self-centered. It is an irrational caricature, and it will not be reasoned away.

    When a confused, well-intentioned statist wants to help poor people or refugees or trees or rodents or whatever, don't respond by telling him about all the problems that creates for you, Point out all the ways that the state hurts poor people and creates refugees and encourages carelessness towards nature. So long as they imagine the government is magic, they don't care what it costs you. Don't make it about you. They don't care about you.

    Libertarians have been telling everyone about their property rights for a long time now. No one gives a damn.

  2. Unfortunately there is no lack of welfare here in the Arctic. It's what keeps so many people here.
    I bet half of "Alaskans" who live here would leave if life wasn't so easily and readily subsidized here.
    If Ft. Wainwright and Eielson closed down, half of Fairbanks would leave. Then we could get rid of the extremely subsidized UAF, and all the Libs would leave...
    If the State shut down 70% of people in Fairbanks would be out of a job (that's literally the percentage of people here that work for government)
    I am dreaming of course, but man, that would be great!