Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Is Starbucks Launching a War on Christmas?

Every Christmas season, Starbucks puts out a red cup for the holidays.

In the past, scenes on the cups have included reindeers and snowmen, amongst others.

Apparently, some people watch this very closely. The problem?

This year Starbucks went with a minimalist design:

The minimalist cups seem dull and boring to me, but some are arguing this is a Starbucks "War on Christmas."  I guess it is possible. The Starbucks founder Howard Schultz is a nut job

Donald Trump is suggesting that the chain be boycotted.

But, really, isn't the uproar a bit of over-sensitivity to questionable slights? The type of slights generally displayed by leftie wing-nuts?

If people really are looking for the holiday spirit and they find the cups a big problem, I would think they would just take their business elsewhere, to coffee shops where the holiday spirit fills the air.

If Howard Schultz, a Jew, doesn't want to celebrate Christmas, well then that is his choice. But as far as I have observed, most Jewish retail merchants promote the hell out of Christmas in their stores. Not because they are believers in celebrating the birth of Jesus, but because most of their customers do. And one thing we can learn from free market economics is that the successful merchants will be those who cater to the wishes of their customers, not the other way around.

Bottom line: I am sure there are going to be many Jewish merchants blasting the Christmas season out at us this holiday season. And it is very unlikely that Schultz is going to be giving off any other signs that could possibly be interpreted as being anti-Christmas, in a country that largely celebrates Christmas. Schultz may be anti-Christmas, but I am guessing he is pro money in his pocket first. 



  1. There's nothing so holy as Christians worshiping the snowman and reindeer idols during Christmas.

    1. What comments like these miss, is that the attack is not on Christianity but rather on the European heritage and cultural hegemony in the US that Shultz and other Jewish liberals love to see eroded.

  2. I'm a Christian. (A Baptist preacher, FWIW). To put it succinctly, all these Christians complaining about Starbucks cups has nothing, whatsoever, to do with relecting the image or teachings of Christ. It's really the very opposite.

  3. Inflation: rather than raise prices again starbucks cut costs.

    1. That's kind of what I was thinking, the plain cups may save them some $ on printing.

  4. This like the "War on Christmas" and the "War on Cops," is a chance for conservatives to play the liberal victimhood card and want something to cry about. I remember reading how these same people were bitching and moaning on the commercialization of Christmas back in the 80s and 90s.

  5. Personally I love the commercialization of Christmas. It reminds us America was founded on the principle there would be no religious persecutions and everyone is welcome to a peaceful and prosperous celebration of this seasonal change. Businesses light up public areas and stores during the darkest nights inviting everyone who "made hay while the sun shone" to enjoy the fruits of their labor and celebrate the fact that spring and sunnier days are ahead. Tolerance is in the air...most of the time.

  6. I remember when Christians were mad that Christmas was commercialized... now they are mad its not?

    They should shut up on the issue and perhaps divert the energies to ending mass killings in war and covert ops, funding 'moderate' terrorist rebel groups including those responsible for 9/11 while punishing Americans civil liberties for that days occurrence, theft and violence in the form taxation, or even outing politics as a game of earthly power grabbing and evil...

    But why worry about that so long as its fine by "one country under God".

    Btw I bought some CHRISTmas blend this morning. (Not holiday or x-mas). Practice what you preach; peace, love, and namely the Golden Rule. PC zealouts.

  7. As it turns out the whole thing started because people didn't realize that an article about the red cups on UK Brietbart was satire.