Wednesday, November 4, 2015

HOT F-Bomb Filled Trump Bashing Latino Kids

With the F-bombs dropped in this attack ad, I don't think it is going to scare away many Trump supporters. Amidst a couple of good points, race confrontational. Odd.

From the web site behind the ad: is a registered non-profit Federal Election Commission political action committee (PAC) dedicated to fighting anti-Latino and anti-immigrant racism in the 2016 election. Using the power of shareable viral video content, impactful social media memes and headline-generating confrontations with presidential candidates who promote racism and xenophobia, is a movement of Latinos, immigrants and social progressives of all origins committed to fighting for equality and holding candidates accountable in the 2016 race for the White House. With its bold youth-centered and Internet-savvy approach, will work to turn out the Latino and progressive vote and give a voice to people Republican candidates try marginalize and use as scapegoats. We are the United States of America. "United" is in our name.  We do support a massive deportation effort - but of racism, not people.
Join the #DeportRacism2016 movement! 


  1. Obviously someone put these kids up to this. This sounds as scripted as that YouTube video featuring that young black kid criticizing Obama. I absolutely loath people who use kids as political tools, its rather disgusting both for the organization who creates them and the parents who allow their kids to be in them. Your also right, most Trump supporters would want to shoot those kids anyway.

    1. "... its rather disgusting both for the organization who creates them and the parents who allow their kids to be in them."

      What do you expect from beaners?

    2. Well Im latino and I would never let my kids in political ads to become targets for my enemies. Plus remember how Pelosi had a bunch of kids do a PR stunt for herself when she became speaker and not to mention during the SCHIP debate?

  2. The registrant that owns that domain has an interesting history, at one point in time he legally changed his name from "Luke Montgomery" to "Luke Sissyfag"...he has a history of similar videos:

  3. Good call on the social justice warrior Montgomery. Heres more on him