Sunday, October 18, 2015

Two More Conservative Media Outlets Attack Rand Paul

First it was Matt Drudge featyring the failure of Rand's presidential Campaign. Now Brietbart and American Thinker follow.

Breitbart runs this headline to a widely circulated AP story

 Ed Straker at American Thinker joined the fray, launching heavy artillery:
Rand Paul may have hurt his Senate re-election bid by running for president.  First of all, running for two offices at the same time does not exactly inspire confidence.  And his showing in the presidential polls, around 2%, has deflated his superstar status.  He's been an unenthusiastic campaigner, and his close ties to Mitch McConnell have not made him popular with the base.  And then there have been his own comments, where he basically said that he was unlikely to win the presidential race – true, but not something a candidate should come out and say.
The Kentucky GOP want him to drop out of the presidential race and focus on re-election.  I wonder if he should go the other route instead – run for more and more offices at the same time.  The more he runs for, the better chance he has of winning something.  He could run for a House seat, a state Senate seat, maybe even a state assembly seat.  He could run for his local city council or school board.  If he wants to be sure of winning something, he could spend a lot of money blanketing his town with fliers and ads telling people what a great libertarian he would be on the local school board.  He would probably outspend his opponents 100 to 1 and be nearly guaranteed to at least win something.
Or, alternatively, Rand Paul could decide to run for just one office.  And he could also decide to stand for some principles, besides drugs and drones, that would excite voters.

With these type of attacks, the masses will catch on, and Rand is going to be the butt of late-night television jokes."Campaign for Rand," may gain meme status as something absurd and futile. A sort of mix of Dali and Sisyphus.

Rand should really bail now before things get worse. The only thing that happens with the continuation of his presidential campaign is that he further weakens his Seante re-election run.


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