Thursday, October 29, 2015

OMG What They Are Writing About Rand Paul in Kentucky

Snippets from a new column by respected Kentucky columnist Bill Straub, who was the former White House political correspondent for Scripps Howard News Service and is currently is the Washington correspondent  for the North Kentucky Tribune.:
If you dig really, really deep, you may prove able to unearth some rationale or other for Sen. Rand Paul continuing his campaign for president. Of course your shoveling is more likely to exhume Judge Crater, Jimmy Hoffa and the Lost Continent of Atlantis before uncovering any sort of justification for this increasingly foolhardy venture.
Paul can save a lot of time, money and sweat himself by dropping out of a race that no one at this point believes he can win. He instead can dedicate himself to representing the commonwealth – something he’s done only sporadically during his five years in office, but it always provides for a good exit line.

Paul is having none of it, of course, convinced that his message and sterling personality (cough, clear throat, cough) will eventually shine through and convince the voting public that he is, indeed, the man for the job.
Watching the Paul presidential campaign at this point is like viewing a car chase scene in a Lethal Weapon movie. The road comes to an end because of construction or some odd thing but the car just keeps roaring ahead – soaring off the end of a bridge still under construction, destined for no-man’s land.
[I]in many ways this disastrous campaign has showed that Sen. Rand Paul is the political equivalent of a rodeo clown, dancing about and pulling off silly stunts to attract attention. A rodeo clown usually does it to gain the notice of a snorting and raging brahma bull. Paul acts that way to get a reaction from the Republican electorate. After a while the bull usually decides the clown really isn’t worth bothering with, that he offers nothing of interest, and trots off on its merry way – just like voter reaction to Rand Paul. Sometimes the clown gets gored. Rand Paul is now realizing what that feels like.

It’s past time to get out. Everyone seems to realize that. Everyone, that is, except the candidate.

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  1. Although I think Paul is a poor representative for libertarianism or libertarian-conservatism, I also think it's too early to pull out of the race. I think Trump has played out. Carson is a "deer in the headlights" joke. The other candidates are weak as well. A shakeup is coming, and even though Paul still probably can't be elected, he should at least hang around for the coming shakeup.