Saturday, October 17, 2015

New Mainstream Media Contest: Find the Most Absurd Rand Paul Campaign Doings

I am getting the sense that a new contest, that includes both blogs and mainstream reporters, is to find the most absurd thing going on in the Rand Paul campaign.

While Charles Pierce has an early lead with his reporting on Rand's self-proclaimed dumbass livestream event, Kylie Atwood of CBS News has entered the contest with his reporting on a Rand photo-op at Drake University.

Some snippets:
 His campaign prioritized the photo op over a long speech or audience questions 
The campaign had made a deal with the students: in exchange for a photo with Paul, they would provide their names and email addresses [for potential caucus work]. So, as about 150 students lined up to take photos with Paul, campaign staffers and volunteers approached them, clipboards ready. Most students readily supplied their information. Yet many of students who signed the sheet were not Rand Paul supporters...

When asked if he supported Paul, one Drake University student flatly replied, "Oh, no, I just wanted a photo." ... 
One female student told a Paul campaign staffer that she was "definitely not" voting for Paul because she is a Bernie Sanders supporter. He thanked her for informing him...
After Eiland had had his Paul photo op and supplied his contact information, the campaign asked him if he'd caucus for Paul. "I would do that if you told me what that is," Eiland responded.

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