Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FBI Probe of Clinton E-mail Expands to Second Data Company

The effort to knock Hillary out of the presidential race continues.

This is a serious operation. It seems pretty obvious that Republican leadership is pushing the investigation, but Obama is not stopping it. Are there even more serious players behind the scenes, who do not want Hillary in the White House?

Here's the latest, from the establishment media outlet, WaPo;

The FBI’s probe into the security of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s e-mail has expanded to include a second private technology company, which said Tuesday it plans to provide the law enforcement agency with data it preserved from Clinton’s account.

The additional data, provided by Connecticut-based Datto Inc., could open a new avenue for investigators interested in recovering e-mails deleted by the former secretary of state — now the Democratic presidential front-runner — that have caught the interest of GOP lawmakers.

Datto’s work on the Clinton e-mail system became public Tuesday when the Republican chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee sent the company a lengthy letter seeking information about the role it and other firms played in managing the Clinton e-mail system.

Datto was hired to provide back-ups for the Clinton e-mail accounts starting in May 2013 by Platte River Networks, the Colorado-based tech firm hired earlier that year by the Clinton family to manage the system after Hillary Clinton concluded her term as secretary.

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  1. its a nothing, stunt dreamt up the Clintons to make her appear a victim pursued by the right wing crazies, like Barry's birth certificate, unfortunately for her, this isn't working nearly as well as that did