Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Beware The Sleeper Cell Known as Ben Carson

By Martin Hill

Armstrong Williams, the black man posing as a 'conservative commentator,' is notorious for being exposed as a phony who took money from the Bush Administration to push the globalist 'No Child Left Behind,' garbage. Williams is presidential hopeful Ben Carson's 'right hand man'- and much more than that.

The two are intimately close, Williams has a room in Carson's home, their families vacation together, Armstrong employs Ben Carson's sons, and is Carson's financial adviser and 'business partner.' The rabidly anti-Palestinian Williams recently accompanied Ben Carson to Israel.

Despite pretending to be conservative while shilling for 'No child left behind,' Armstrong also admittedly used his blackness and 'minority status,' as opposed to his merit, to convince the FCC to let him buy up more TV stations. This is admitted in official FCC filings and papers. So these frauds 'publicly' oppose affirmative action, while privately wholeheartedly supporting it and taking full advantage of it.

Armstrong recently tweeted "Here we go again. Israel, America’s truest ally in the Middle East, is under terrorist assault" & "Israeli citizens wisely employed personal weapons to eliminate terrorists on the spot." PNAC Founder Bill Kristol also says that Ben Carson is the best choice for president. BEWARE of this dim-witted humble-posing sleeper cell known as Ben Carson.

On Facebook, Armstrong wrote "Over the last month, Israel has been targeted by a sickening wave of Palestinian terrorism. Innocent Israeli civilians going about their daily chores are being run over by madmen behind the wheels of cars, slashed and murdered with knives, and shot at on city buses." Also: "As Congress inches closer to voting on the Iranian nuclear deal, an historic mistake that will bless the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism becoming a nuclear threshold state, Americans should be terrified."

The above originally appeared at LibertyFight.com.


  1. You mean politicians are not what they seem!! What a newsflash

  2. Lawyers are trained debaters, Physicians are trained healers. Lawyers talk a good talk, while Physicians just fix. Some people are also better writers than they are talkers, and if all people read books that would help Dr. Carson, but most don't. They watch TV instead. I really think that his campaign needs to let people know that there is a big difference in the the personality types of these two professions. Lawyers got us into this disaster in our nation, and we need a Physician to fix it.
    The problem is this. The debaters that spoke the most did so because they took time to argue with each other. Each time they mentioned someone else that person was given time for a rebuttal. They have no dirt on Carson and that's why the others did not attack him. He asserted himself much better than in past debates. He showed his humor, his love for this country, and that he's a rational man. What I saw, and I think many others noticed last night, was that Carson was the only one that didn't get involved with the circus act. Remember why we like Carson. We like him because of his calm rational nature and solid policies. The underlining narrative I keep hear from people is 'nice guys finish last'. There are enough people who prefer a nice guy to get him elected if we change the narrative to 'nice guys can finish first'. It's happened plenty of times in history. Keep Carson's momentum going. Instead of rehashing how much of the debate time he didn't get point out to people what he did said, how he engaged, his likability , his solid policies, how he doesn't get into the mud pit. And do it until he becomes president! I for one was very happy with how he did. He has had some great interviews recently, people are starting to notice him as being different and I think you will find that he will do better in voting than he has done in the polls.