Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ben Carson: The Bungling Brain Surgeon?

By Sharon Churcher

Judging by White House wannabe Ben Carson’s track record as a neurosurgeon, his presidential campaign should be declared dead on arrival!

In a bombshell investigation into his medical career, The National ENQUIRER has exclusively learned the now retired doc allegedly butchered one patient’s brain — and EVEN left a sponge in another’s skull!

According to at least six malpractice lawsuits against Carson obtained by The ENQUIRER, the Republican candidate allegedly rushed patients into surgery, and brandished a scalpel like a meat cleaver!

Reda the rest here.


  1. While I hate Carson Im really reluctant to believe anything the National Enquirer puts out given how much Onion style BS they peddle

    1. Yes, I am skeptical for the moment as well. If the impression the National Enquirer is presenting is accurate, then I'd say he's a pretty shitty neurosurgeon. I have experience working with a neurosurgeon who would never behave in the manner presented in the article. He spends atleast 45 minutes with each patient at every appointment, and there's no way he would operate without looking at MRI films. He also never rushes in the operating room. Ever. But perhaps the Enquirer is only presenting one side of the story and there is some logical explanation for all of these mistakes. People who take advanced cases generally get sued more than others, so it's possible that's what's going on with Carson.