Thursday, September 17, 2015

This Man Must Be Stopped... any political means possible.

From the accompanying story:

This is not just a campaign, says Sanders. It is a “movement,” a “revolution.” He is not only after delegates; he plans to “raise the political consciousness.” 


  1. Relax, RW. The Dem support for Bernie is simply the inverse of their disenchantment with the lying witch, Hillary. Same with the media attention. Let's see how the Dem "debates" go before we conclude that Bernie's message is resonating with the general public.

    1. Idk. My Facebook news feed is full of people sayining," man, this Bernie really has some great ideas. Finally someone is standing up for the PEOPLE." It's scary, really.

  2. God protect us from the do-gooders - some of the most dangerous people on the planet. Always want to save the world by picking someone else's pocket.

    When you listen to the Bernmeister he sounds articulate, seems to make sense, and accurately describes the mess that America has become. But his solution is the same old crap - steal more money from others so he can do what he wants. It's the same old rotting fish wrapped in fresh newspaper.

    The fact that people buy this tripe is a testament to how far our "entitlement" society had fallen.

    No one owes you ANYTHING! And stealing from others to provide entitlements is illegal, immoral, and just plain wrong. Moral people understand this intuitively.

    The Founders got it right - life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That's it. The rest is up to you.

  3. This is fantastic, I love this new system. I can finally teach my kindergartner that she can steal the other kids' pencils if she runs low. If they resist, she must stab them with one of the stolen pencils, even til the point of death, no pun intended. It's only 'fair', you know.....

  4. This is the book that should destroy once and for all “democratic socialism” AND any attempt to spread democracy to the third world. This is the book that opened me up to Rothbard. Assigned in class with “Power and Market” winter 1973. “POLITICS IN PLURAL SOCIETIES A Theory of Democratic Instability” by Alvin Rabushka and Kenneth A. Shepsle. It’s now free to download:

    A country by country empirical analysis showing that democracy in multi-ethnic societies leads straight to ethnic conflict. The more “public goods”, the worse things are. Libertarians sorta know this already but here are the facts. People who read this book could easily anticipate Sunni/Shi’ite slaughter in Iraq following the imposition of democracy. Smack Bernie AND the Neocons with this book.

    You can also buy a re-issue:

  5. What exactly are you afraid he would do that is catagorically worse than anything bushclintonobama did. He's just more of the same. He sounds like a Sonoma county kindergarten teacher.

  6. It's funny, people think he's an outsider on the cover of Time....

    I think Ron got just as much or more support in the polls, someone feel free to analyze how much support Ron was getting in the primaries vs Bernie in his, but, Ron did it despite the MSM IGNORING HIM.

    This cover should have been Ron, the real revolution in ideas. I simply do not buy that Bernie, even with this clear MSM coverage, exhibit A above, is actually converting anyone to socialism the way Ron did to libertarianism. I do not think he has a large of a following.

    But critical thinkers out there should really consider the differences in how the two were treated in the media.

    And I wonder, is this whole thing just to cover up Ron in the history books!? Instead of people being forced to talk about Ron's historic 2012 run, they can cover Bernie's 2016 run? Skip right over Ron 2012? Ron wasn't any more special than Bernie?

  7. What am I missing here? I defer to the more learned readers and posters on this site but isn't socialism a non ownership society? Bernie categorically states that he is a socialist. So would it not stand to reason that Bernie wants the same people that deliver the mail to take ownership of UPS and Fed Ex? Doesn't he want the same people that own the VA Hospital system to take ownership of all the for profit AND non profit hospitals in the US? Would he not, if he could, have the Dept. of Agriculture take over every family farm in America? Wouldn't Barbara Streisands and Oprah Winfreys bank accounts belong to the federal government in Bernie's America? Wouldn't Tim Cook become a government employee? Wouldn't the federal government own all the means of production and determine what and how much is produced? Do these countries he points to (i.e. Sweden) allow private property? If so, what? And if they do allow ownership how is that socialist? What does he plan for America other than raising taxes and spending money? If that's all he plans to do then Anonymous is correct "its the same old rotting fish wrapped up in fresh newspaper".

  8. This TIME magazine cover reminds me of the cover the same magazine did about the Ron Paul Revolution.

  9. Gee, wonder why no one is making a big deal out of Sanders' age like they did when RP last ran?